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Urticaria and Angioedema

Coming out in May 2009!

This book provides a practical and comprehensive review of all types and aspects of urticaria and angioedema important to the clinician. This clinical guide highlights current knowledge about pathophysiology and focuses on the clinically relevant aspects of diagnosis and treatment. It also includes a full range of standard operating procedures, as well as patient information leaflets in a copy-ready format, thus offering invaluable assistance in the daily practical management of urticaria patients. This book provides indispensable assistance to all physicians specializing in dermatology, allergy, internal medicine, pediatrics and general medicine.

Book Contents
Historical Preface.- Basic Mechanism.- Cellular Layers.- Eliciting Factors.- Classification.- Acute Urticaria.- Chronic Urticaria.- Demographic and Pressure Urticaria.- Heat and Cold Urticaria.- Solar Urticaria.- Cholingeric Urticaria and Exercise Induced Urticaria.- Contact Urticaria and Aquagenec Urticaria.- Urticaria Vasculitis.- Angioedema Without Wheals.- Syndromes and Diseases.- Impact of Urticaria.- Quality of Life and Performance.- Socio-economic Impact.- Therapie.- Standard Operating Procedures- A Practical Approach.- Activity Score.- Autologous Serum Test.- Diet.- Diary.- Questionnaire.- Prick Test.- Heat Urticaria.- Cold Urticaria.- Exercise

Authors: Zuberbier T., Grattan C., Maurer M.

Publisher: Springer Verlag  (Publication Date: May 2009)

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