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Asthma: an Atlas of Investigation and Management

Asthma is a disease affecting a large proportion of people all over the world. Characteristically 5, 2 million suffer from it only in UK and 17 million in the USA alone. The Atlas of Investigation and Management offers an in depth analysis of all aspects of the disease. Come and learn all you need to know as a specialist from this unique publication. This Atlas, is recommended to specialist doctors that want to be informed on the latest developments of the disease, providing vital visual information on the diagnosis, symptoms and prevention of asthma.
This work differs from the usual manuals of this type, not only about its detailed analysis on the subject, but also about the originality of the picture-documents that supplement it.

Book contents: The chapters entailed refer to:

Definition, Epidemiology of asthma, Clinical types of asthma, Aetiology of asthma, Common precipitants of asthma, Churg-Strauss syndrome, Pathology of asthma,Treatment of stable asthma, Treatment of Acute Attacks, Paediatric Asthma.

Author: Sebastian L. Johnston, National Heart and Lung Institute & Wright Fleming Institute of Infection and Immunity, Imperial College London, UK