Allergy and the Nervous System
J. Bienenstock Ed.
Chemical Immunology and Allergy Vol.98
S. Karger AG., Basel 2012
ISBN 978-3-8055-9984-9

John Bienestock and his co-workers have been among the first researchers to stress the relevance of neuroimmune interactions in allergic diseases with their pioneer studies on the anatomical contacts between mast cells and nerves as well as on the role of neurotrophins in modulating the mast cell release of inflammatory cytokines. Therefore, no one better than John Bienenstock could have edit this 272 pages book of the prestigious series Chemical Immunology and Allergy.

In fact, the Editor has been able to select for the 15 chapters of the volume the most relevant topics in neuroendocrine immunology and the most qualified experts to address them.

The book covers with the same accuracy both basic aspects of the structure and function of the neuro-immune system and translational aspects, with special relevance to lung and skin diseases.

Specific chapters are devoted to the Parasympathetic nerves and muscarine receptors, the Mast-Cell-Nerve Functional Unit, Neurotrophins and their role in Allergic Inflammation and Remodeling, the Role of the Gut Microbiota in regulating the HPA axis and the Behavioral Correlates of Food Allergy.
Three chapters are devoted to asthma, including one on its relationships to psychological distress, and two to skin diseases and itch.

In spite of the high and increasing number of papers in the area of neutoimmunology, this book is quite unique in this field, by providing a comprehensive and up-dated review of all major research and clinical issues for both experts in this area and those who wish to discover the fascinating world of body-mind interactions in allergy and asthma.
Last updated 20 April 2015