We present a case of allergic asthma in a non-atopic adult female due to an uncommon pet, a green iguana. The patient presented a moderate asthma and eosinophilia and reported worsening of the asthma symptoms at home. She had positive skin prick tests to an iguana extract, and the diagnosis was confirmed by a specific bronchial provocation test, and supported by the assessment of bronchial inflammation by means of sputum and serum ECP.
After removal of the home iguana the patients’ symptoms disappeared, she had normal lung function tests and the airway inflammation and the bronchial hyperreactivity subsided.
This case report stresses the importance of the correct etiologic diagnosis in asthma, since the identification and subsequent avoidance of the culprit allergen can modify the disease progression – persistent inflammation, airway remodelling – and the prognosis of the patient.

Last updated 16 December 2014