An 8 oldmonth BlankenThis case report represents a common symptom associated with viral respiratory infections of childhood with RSV as the dominant etiologic agent. But are there underlying risk factors for the recurrent episodes described here? Is there a logical explanation for this course of events?

Plain chest radiograph (Fig.1) showed normal osseous and soft tissue structures. No evidence of congenital abnormalities of the pulmonary or cardiac systems was present. The diaphragms had a normal representation on both sides. There was a distinct interstitial haziness visible over all lung fields.

Laboratory test results are shown below. Besides a slightly elevated leukocyte-count, her lab values are within normal range.



A specimen of the nasal secretions was positive for RSV as determined by direct immunofluorescence.

* Can you explain why this girl is so often and severely affected? *

Last updated 16 January 2015