Despite prophylaxis, her cough, phlegm and sinusitis complaints persisted. Monthly intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) treatment of 400 mg/kg was commenced in addition to prophylactic antibiotics and inhaler corticosteroids. Previously, she used to have an average of 3-4 episodes of infections (sinusitis) or asthma attack. After IVIG treatment, she did not experience any. Immedietlly after commencing of IVIG treatment, the patients respiratory symptoms such as cough and phlegm production improved completely and symptoms like frequent headache, nasal blockage facial pain also resolved. Six months after IVIG treatment, patients inhaled corticosteroids were stopped and continued taking TMT/SMZ prophylaxis treatment during winter and spring seasons only. The parameters used were only pulmonary function tests which showed no deterioration of lung functions.

* Discussion and Conclusion *

Last updated 16 December 2014