1071In this section, one can access various outstanding educational and informative material from the European Academy of Allergy & Clinical Immunology through E-Learning Center.

Allergy Definitions provide you with a scientific glossary for the most important terms of allergy, available in 24 languages.

Every month EAACI offers a review under Bibliographic update from leading scientists and research centers on newly-published bibliography in allergy and clinical immunology.

Case Reports offer a great deal of medical material and in Expert Opinions one can find thorough analysis and further reviews on allergy-related issues from leading allergy experts.

EAACI also offers Grants such as Educational grants, Fellowship awards, JMA awards, etc.

Looking for a new professional challenge? In Job Center one can look for open calls for research positions, recruit young talents or locate ideal jobs in the scientific and research area. This service is currently FREE of charge !

EAACI also offers reviews on new Books that has been published in the field of asthma, allergy and clinical immunology, creating thus a new and up-to-date library.

Additionally, the full text of the most recent (and older as well) EAACI Position Papers is also available. New Papers published for the first time by EAACI website may as well be tracked here.

Additionally, offers the Presentation Templates for its annual Congress to provide all young scientists with a fresh, new and unique template for their powerpoint presentations.

Thematic Month is a feature of the with special reports to EAACI Sections and Interest Groups, aiming to familiarize all visitors with the activities, aims and scopes of these groups, and invite them to actively take part to any of them that they find compatible with their needs and work field.

are interactive presentations enhanced with sound and transcription by exceptional scientists, in an exciting flash-based application, free of charge to all EAACI members. For simple, powerpoint presentations, offers the Slide Kit Series.
Last updated 20 January 2015