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  • My son has been suffering from allergy and asthma for 17 years now. Asthma is considered as more life threatening, but actually the allergy was and is a real nightmare. 2 years of my life when my son‘s allergy was the most severe seem like two years that I have lost from my life. He couldn't sleep and the family couldn‘t as well, as the boy was itching and crying nearly all the time. No one could help him. The diagnoses - allergy - sentenced him no to eat any foood which had a colour. Can you believe – he had no skin, his body was viscous all over. Even now, 17 after years, I often hear him scratching at night. I take it as scratching habit, but the doctor says it can not be habit – people do no scratch at night if they are not itching. Have you ever been itching for some reason? Then you know what it means. Can you imagine yourself itching all your life?.. Please do something to help these kids!

  • I was hoping that my child would not develop allergies. I know what that means because I have allergic asthma. Everytime she coughs I have nightmares of what might that lead to. I have ended up in the hospital several times and now I see my child walking my path.

  • When everyone welcomes spring time, I know what this time of year does to me. For me spring time is stuffy nose, red and watery eyes, sneezing and coughing. I am out of breath as my allergic rhinitis blocks my nose and my asthma prevents me from care - free activities. I lose count of the medications that I take and I feel drowsy during my lessons.