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Tips for Allergies

Did you know that some antihistamines can make you drowsy?

This happens with the older antihistamines, affecting your performance at work and school, and of course your driving! Ask your doctor which are the antihistamines that do not make you sleepy!

Itchy eyes?

Keep your eye-drops in the fridge; if they are cold, the relief will be quicker!

Do you know how to use your nasal spray to get the best effect and avoid nasal bleeding?

Blow your nose and bend your head slightly forward. With the right hand apply your spray in your left nostril, pointing slightly to the outer wall (avoiding the septum). Repeat with the left hand holding the device and applying the spray to the right nostril. Now turn your face up, looking to the ceiling for a minute. You don’t need to inhale strongly.

Stuffy nose?

Avoid using nasal sprays that contain decongestants for more than 3-5 days. Initially theses sprays alleviate nasal blocking, but after a few days, they have a rebound effect, so they increase the nasal obstruction!

Have you tried nasal lavages?

Nasal irrigations may help prevent allergy symptoms and decrease them. It consists on cleaning your nasal passages with a saline solution which removes mucus and allergens, and moisturizes the inside lining of the nose!

Did you know that one out of 5 patients with allergic rhinitis may also have asthma?

If your doctor hasn’t done so yet, and you experience symptoms suggestive of asthma, such as breathlessness, repeated cough or wheezing sound in your chest, ask him/her to check!

Did you know that allergy immunotherapy can help you overcome your allergies?

You may benefit from this treatment, which works by training your immune system to “tolerate” the allergens which now trigger your symptoms. Ask your allergist if you are a good candidate!