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Prospective Adherence to Specific immunoTherapy in Europe (PASTE) survey

Adherence, i.e. taking a treatment in the way recommended by the clinician/s prescribing it, is important in order for that treatment to be effective. Some allergic patients may require treatment with allergen immunotherapy for their allergic conditions such as hay fever, asthma or allergy to bee or wasp venoms. Immunotherapy requires continuing the treatment for at least 3 years in order for it to have a beneficial effect.

This is an online survey that will follow participants from eight different European countries receiving immunotherapy for hay fever, asthma and venom allergy. The participants will be followed for a 3 year period in order to assess how many will complete the 3 year course of treatment.

This survey will also assess the reasons for any missed doses or for any participants stopping treatment. It is hoped that this information will assist in finding ways to improve adherence.

PASTE study coordinators. Dr Melina Makatsori, Dr Gianenrico Senna