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The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) is an international organization of organizations and individual persons, constituted as an association. The Association has no commercial aims and is not for profit.
One of the aims of EAACI is to disseminate awareness and knowledge of allergic and immunologic disorders, and to advocate for those who suffer from allergy. To achieve these goals EAACI has a range of activities, which include Declarations and Campaigns.

Public Declarations are documents in which EAACI states its official position regarding the various aspects of the medical and social impact of allergy. Click here for information on our Public Declarations.

Campaigns are broad activities including press releases, texts, audiovisual documents, participation in the media, collaborations with other societies or meetings with policy makers and other stakeholders involved in the world of allergy and clinical immunology. Click here for information on our Campaigns.