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Inhaled treatment

Inhalers are the most common type of medication devices used in asthma treatment. Inhalers can contain either preventer or reliever medication or sometimes both of them (combination inhalers). Preventers have to be taken on a daily basis, as they help to control the inflammation in your respiratory tract via which helps to avoid asthma exacerbations and keep your lung function at normal levels.

It is essential to know that you may see no immediate effect when you take preventer medication. Relievers have rapid action as they relax muscles around the airway and help you to breathe easier. These inhalers should be used when you have an asthma attack. Please note that reliever medication should be used only when required and in no instance be a substitute for your preventer medication. Different inhaler types are available on the market; they contain medication either in the dry powder or aerosol form.