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Studies have shown how much urticaria can interfere with many aspects of daily life, including general activities, self-confidence, dressing, work, sport and personal relationships. These lifestyle limitations can be just as important for some patients with urticaria as the symptom of itch and the physical appearance of their swellings. Patients need to be reassured that the illness will become better naturally but it is never possible to predict how long this will take. They should also know that no permanent damage to the body occurs as a result of urticaria and that they can expect a full recovery with time.

A positive side to urticaria is that it is sometimes possible to discover the early features of an associated illness, such as thyroid autoimmunity, before it becomes a problem by undertaking the right investigations. Treatment of causes can ‘cure’ urticaria in only a few patients but the majority of them have to rely on medicines and avoidance of aggravating factors to control the symptoms of the disease as their main objective.