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Contact Allergy

CopingLatex allergy was, until recently, one of the most common and well known types of contact urticaria, affecting many people in healthcare and industry. However, the latex allergy epidemic is now almost under control following careful public health measures to avoid natural latex rubber protein exposure. Even now, patients with latex allergy may be fearful of an anaphylactic reaction after inadvertent exposure to latex during hospital and dental procedures.

Allergic contact dermatitis to chemicals in rubber products remains a significant problem worldwide. Allergy to skin care products, such as cosmetics and sunblocks, remains a big problem for some people who find it difficult to find anything that suit them although avoidance of specific ingredients has become easier since product labeling of cosmetics and skin care products became compulsory in many countries. Occupational contact dermatitis used to be a major public health problem in industrialized societies (and still is in some areas), leading to substantial disability, reduced earnings and premature retirement.