EAACI Goes Green Initiative

EAACI Goes Green Initiative

Green in 2017 – Greener in 2018

EAACI understands the importance of sustainability and is eager to minimise any negative environmental impact from its actions. This is not an easy goal but thanks to your support, future meetings and activities can be organised in a much more environmentally-friendly way.

Here is how EAACI is already making its meetings more sustainable:

  • Increasingly using digital rather than printed solutions
  • Pads and pens made from 100% recycled paper
  • Collaboration with committed exhibitors
  • Environmentally-friendly badges
  • Tracking our sustainability
  • Recycling stations

Together WE can do MORE!

By reducing the quantity of printed programmes, we can save up to*:

  • 114,561 liters of water
  • 6,258 kgs of waste
  • 11,000 kgs of wood
  • 4,951 kgs of co2 emission

* Calculated on the basis of 8,000 printed programmes copies with 140 sheets of paper.

Help us achieve paperless conferences in the future by opting out of bags & printed programmes, join us on our path to a paperless congress, and help us to take care of our environment.

The EAACI Goes Green Initiative is driving us to be more environmentally-friendly. We remain constantly committed to discovering and investing in digital and sustainable projects that also have a positive impact on your experience as an EAACI member.

Here are just a few technologies we are employing at EAACI Congess 2018 in Munich:

  • EAACI App: All up-to-date information on our events is available at your fingertips.
  • EAACI Virtual Congress Hub: Digital resource centres providing webcasts of sessions, abstracts and E-Posters, as well as other helpful items, ensure you don’t miss a thing.
Last updated 24 October 2017