Tuesday 26 April 2016 - TEST YOUR ALLERGIES 2016 "Test, Inform, Prevent"

The European Parliament Interest Group on Allergy and Asthma presents “Allergy at the forefront of EU Chronic Diseases Policy: The road towards better prevention and management of Allergy in Europe”

Tuesday 26 April 2016 – European Parliament, Brussels
Hosts: MEP Pietikäinen, MEP Childers, MEP Borrelli

The European Parliament Interest Group on Allergy and Asthma invites you to the Allergy Exhibition - Test Your Allergies 2016 at the European Parliament in Brussels. To view the draft agenda of the opening meeting Click Here. 

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campaign calendar-pdf-AGENDA-test-your-allergies-2016
Last updated 06 May 2016
EAACI's EU liaison office in Brussels acts as the contact point for internal and external EAACI EU Affairs relations.
EAACI – EU Liaison Office
Rue du Luxembourg, 22-24
B-1000 Brussels
Tel : +32 (2)2 761 66 83


As the leading European medical society focusing on allergy, EAACI has a key role to play in the formulation of health and research policies at the European level. EAACI activities focus on improving allergy care, fostering allergy research and help strengthen Allergology as a medical specialty.

By being present in Brussels, EAACI aims to establish allergy ambassadors among EU Parliament members and to have consistent interaction with different EU Institutions, to promote allergy awareness.