Patients Organisations

aha! Center for Allergy Switzerland

Allergy India

Allergy New Zealand Inc

Anaphylaxis Australia Inc

Anaphylaxis Canada

Anoiksi NGO

Asociacion espanola de alergicos a alimentos y latex

Association Francaise pour la Prevention des Allergie (AFPRAL)

Deutscher Allergie und Asthmabund eV

European Federation of Allergy & Airway Diseases Patients Association

Food Allergy Initiative

Food Allergy Italia

Fundacion Creciendo con Alergias Alimenarias

Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association

The Allergy Society of South Africa

The Anaphylaxis Campaign UK

The European Anaphylaxis Taskforce CV

The Hong Kong Allergy Association

Yahel Food Allergy Network Israel

Last updated 11 January 2015