In order to stimulate the exchange of scientific and educational information amongst EAACI members, EAACI operates a funding scheme for speaker support to national society and regional meetings.  The EAACI sponsored speakers should make at least two presentations at each meeting which may be lectures, workshops, seminars etc.

a. Sponsored speakers should participate in an annual meeting or a similar event of the Member Society or regional organization.
b. Any EAACI National Member Society or Affiliate Society can apply to the Executive Committee for a speaker support grant. Applications may also be made for speaker support for Regional Meetings.
c. Each application should be for one to three speakers. One of the speakers should be a member of the EAACI Executive Committee, who will represent EAACI at the meeting and make an appropriate statement on behalf of EAACI at any opening ceremony, general assembly or equivalent meeting/gathering.
d. EAACI will cover the travel expenses for the sponsored speakers. The meeting organization is expected to cover any additional costs such as registration fees, hotel accommodation and meals for the invited speakers.
e. Ideally each EAACI sponsored speakers should make at least two presentations at each meeting; these may be lectures, workshops, seminars etc.  The EAACI sponsored speakers need not necessarily speak on the same symposium. 
f. Where the format chosen is a joint symposium, EAACI prefers all speakers at joint symposia to present in English.  Simultaneous translation may be provided for non-English speaking members of the audience at the discretion of the Member Society.  Any costs for translation will be borne by the Member Society.
g. Acknowledgement of EAACI sponsorship should be made in the programme of the meeting and in any accompanying materials.
h. Applications must be received by the executive office by 15th September of the year before the calendar year in which the proposed meeting will take place.

Last updated 06 February 2018