EAACI`s Committees

Thea EAACI Committees are responsible for many tasks. They include the committees for the Executive, Ethics, CMESpecialty, and Scientific Programme.

It is proposed that the Web Committee, which has responsibility for maintaining the new EAACI Website, should become an official Committee of the Academy.

The Executive Committee is the major administrative committee of the EAACI. It comprises the President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer, the Past President, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Vice-Presidents, six members-at-large, and the Chairpersons of the EAACI Sections.

The Exam Committee prepares, organises and analyses the annual EAACI Knowledge Test in accordance with UEMS criteria implemented since 2008. This Committee also recruits and creates new, fair, relevant and selective questions for each year’s test.

The Ethics Committee is a permanent body of the EAACI and ensures that high ethical standards are observed in all areas of EAACI activity.

The CME Committee is responsible for the issues concerning Continuing Medical Education. The system for Continuing Medical Education (CME) is now provided by the EAACI and aims to guarantee a high level of theoretic and clinical competence throughout the entire working life of medical specialists that qualify for CME cAertification.

The Specialty Committee interacts closely with the relevant Section of the UEMS (the European Union of Medical Specialists) and investigates aspects of Allergology as a Medical Specialty.

The Scientific Programme Committee is a permanent body of the Academy and maintains high scientific standards, continuity, and harmonisation of the EAACI Congresses.

The EAACI also comprises a CME Accreditation Council, which commenced operations in 2001. It is responsible for promoting continued medical education through the Academy and setting the standards for CME in Allergology.
Last updated 23 October 2014