Ongoing Task Forces

Methodological workshops during Allergy Schools and Position paper support meetings

EAACI’s Allergy Schools, Focused Meetings, and the Annual Congress provide young physicians around Europe state-of-the-art knowledge about several aspects in allergy and immunology, advances and challenges in clinical and research practice along with the opportunity for networking and interaction with each other. Planning future research, one of the highest priorities investigators and clinical physicians have is the appropriate design of investigational clinical protocols and experiments. Moreover, systematic reviews and meta-analyses as key elements of evidence-based healthcare have become more important. Healthcare professionals need to understand the principles of designing a research project including systematic reviews. This, particularly, applies to those involved in Consensus Reports and Position Papers writing. The aim of this Task force is to organize, as a pilot program, continuing medical education and training activities/methodological workshops within the context of EAACI’s Annual Congress and EAACI’s Summer Schools, in order to carry out well-designed and well-executed studies providing the best opportunity for the advancement of clinical, translational and laboratory research. A further objective is to organize one day seminars/meetings, to train those currently involved in the writing of EAACI positions papers or guidelines.

Interest Group Epidemiology
Last updated 25 January 2016