Ongoing Task Forces

Project Questionnaire and subsequent Position Paper on training and educational needs in Primary Care

The Primary Care Interest Group of EAACI determined that one of their tasks is to develop educational tools in various formats to meet the needs of primary care physicians (GPs) and teams with regards to the diagnosis and management of alergy. Primary care is the first port of call of many persons suffering from allergy in one of it’s manifestations, and yet little preparation has been undertaken at either undergraduate or postgraduate level to equip primary care with the skills needed to undertake a structured approach to the patient with allergy.

 To our knowledge, to date, no-one has asked from GPs what they perceived their educational needs were nor how they would like to have their needs met. The experience has been that specialists have decided what GPs need to know and in what manner, neglecting the fact that when patients present with a problem in primary care, that this problem is undifferentiated and that a diagnosis of allergy may be one of several which the GP may have to consider in the diagnostic process.

With this in mind we requested funding from EAACI to develop a questionnaire in order to inform our educational strategy. This was circulated, generating in the region of 700 responses. The preliminary results were presented as a poster at the Barcelona congress. Further evaluation and analysis has now occurred: we hope to be in a position to submit our results for publication in the New Year followed by the development of a position statement on an educational strategy which we hope will engage and upskill primary care.

Dermot Ryan,
Primary Care Interest Group Chair
Last updated 25 January 2016