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Developing competencies for allied health professionals

To consider the role of the allied health professional (AHP) in the field of allergy and understand the differences between countries, the competencies required and what the educational needs are.

There is a very little guidance on the roles and responsibilities of AHP working in allergy. For example, some countries employ dietitians who are trained to a high degree, and can provide important nutritional advice and support for patients and families, whereas in other countries dietitians have a different training and are employed in a very different capacity. For nurses, standards of nurse education will vary from country to country, but there may be less distinction than there exists for dietitians.  This taskforce will develop an agreed set of competencies and a framework for practice for all AHP to support the development of those professions working in allergy and also ensure that only those with sufficient skill are involved in food allergy diagnosis and management. In addition, the Task Force will also scope current qualifications of AHP working in allergy, to best assess current and future requirements for training and education of these groups, to improve recognition of the unique skill and expertise that these professionals can bring to the field of allergy. This task force will also assist EAACI in the provision of guidance on the roles and responsibilities of AHP in allergy and their training needs. The task force will also demonstrate the efficacy of allied health professionals in the allergy diagnostic and management pathway.

Allied Health Interest Group
Task Force - Developing Competencies for Allied Health Professionals working in Allergy
Chair: Isabel Skypala
Last updated 25 January 2016