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Prospective study of Adherence to Specific Immunotherapy in Europe (PASTE study)


Prolonged administration is required in order for allergen immunotherapy to induce long-term immunological and clinical effects. Therefore, adherence is very important. However, there is currently limited data available on allergen immunotherapy adherence outside of clinical trials i.e. in real-life clinical practice.

This is a prospective, multi-centre, observational survey. The survey will take place in eight countries: Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Poland, Portugal and Spain. The participants will be followed up 4-monthly for a total of 3 years in order to assess adherence and explore the reasons for non-adherence and discontinuation of treatment.


The primary objectives are to prospectively evaluate the rate of adherence to allergen immunotherapy for inhalant allergens (sublingual and subcutaneous routes) and Hymenoptera venom allergy (subcutaneous) in a 3 year period in real life practice across different European countries.  

The secondary objectives are to explore reasons for lack of adherence and discontinuation of treatment.

This is hoped to provide useful information for modifying clinical behaviours and attitudes towards allergen immunotherapy in order to improve adherence wherever possible.

Co-ordinators: Dr Melina Makatsori, Dr Gianenrico Senna
Last updated 21 January 2016