Ongoing Task Forces

Diagnostic tools in Ocular Allergy

The aims of this ongoing Task Force were to provide a comprehensive and complete overview of the currently available tools for the diagnosis of ocular allergy (OA). The results of the working group produced a PP that describes the current methods for the diagnosis of OA; reviews the available questionnaire on Quality of Life and sign and symptom grading scales; reviews the potential biomarker for OA; promotes a common workout for the diagnosis; identifies unmet needs in the diagnostic tools. The TF members Luis Delgado, JeanLuc Fauquert, Serge Doan, Carmen Rondon, Farid Marmouz, Peter Hellings, Monica Jedrzejczak, Pia Allegri, Banu Bozkurt, Virginia Calder and Andrea Leonardi met several times during the past two years reviewed and discussed the single topics.
An initial systematic review of the literature was performed in Pubmed and Science Direct databases, using the following key words: Allergic Conjunctivitis or Ocular Allergy [AND] Diagnosis workup, Investigations, Imaging, Questionnaire / QoL, Scoring/ Grading, Instruments / Specific tools, Clinical, Visual function/acuity, Ocular sampling/Tears, Tear Function, Biomarkers, Psychological impact.
The results of the working group was a large manuscript that includes several subchapters on patients history, description of signs and symptoms and their outbreak modalities, clinical ocular examination, scoring ocular allergy and quality of life, tests to diagnose ocular allergy, visual function, ocular surface evaluation, ocular sampling and biomarkers, imaging and emerging additional tests, diagnostic algorithm and concluding recommendations.
Diagnostic methods, techniques, definitions, specific recommendations and unmet needs were identified in each subchapter in order to clarify each topic. Several tables and illustrations are supporting the manuscript.
At this moment, we are in the process to finalize the last draft and to prepare its submission to ExCom, which is planned by the beginning of 2016.

Andrea Leonardi
Interest Group Olecular Allergy Chairperson
Last updated 25 January 2016