Ongoing Task Forces

Clinical epidemiology of anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis is rapid in onset and among allergic asthma an allergic manifestation, which may cause death. Knowledge on anaphylaxis epidemiology in Europe is far from optimal, both regarding causes, clinical manifestations, short- and long-term management.

In 2013 the new EAACI guideline on anaphylaxis was developed and finalized. This guideline includes specific recommendations for the treatment of anaphylaxis; it will be necessary to follow up whether and how the guidelines are implemented in the allergy community.

The anaphylaxis registry is a pan-European network obtaining data via an online questionnaire from patients with severe allergic reactions including details about the onset of the reaction and in particular its treatment.

The main goal for the Task Force is to review the data of the anaphylaxis registry annually and to produce EAACI position paper on the implementation of the anaphylaxis guidelines.
Last updated 25 January 2016