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Hereditary Angioedema: Emergency Card and support guidelines

Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) is a rare, potentially life threatening inherited disorder with symptoms of severe, painful, and recurring attacks of edema (swelling). While HAE cannot yet be cured, intelligent use of available treatments can help patients lead a relatively normal life. HAE patients often suffer for many years and may be subject to unnecessary medical procedures and surgery prior to receiving an accurate diagnosis. Because the symptoms of HAE often mimic those of other diseases, misdiagnosis is common. Spreading awareness can help ensure that those with the condition receive an accurate and early diagnosis.

The goal of the EAACI task force “HAE “ is to improve the patient´s care by rising awareness in the general population and medical professionals (Manuscript “Unmet needs in Angioedema, beyond Antihistamines”, Manuscript “How not to miss HAE in clinical practice”) and by providing an international emergency card for patient´s with HAE. This card is backed up by an informative website (see the draft of site at
Last updated 07 November 2014