Task Forces

Task Forces are entities formed and activated by the EAACI Executive Committee to deal within a given time with a specific task, such as development of a position paper on relevant, controversial and hot topics.

Sections & Interest Groups as well as National Societies and Individual members and Affiliates of the EAACI can request the formation of a Task Force by writing to the EAACI Headquarters (info@eaaci.org). Non-members can also apply for a Task Force typically when they bring specific expertise not available from inside EAACI.

Application for New Task Forces is open from July until 10 September. The application form is made available to all Executive Committee, Interest Groups and Sections members.

Applications are made available to the EAACI Executive Committee members prior to the budget meeting in October/November for information and evaluation. The EAACI Executive Committee evaluates and decides about the scientific content, the opportunity / relevance, the list of members and the budget of the Task Forces, taking into account the views of all interested parties.

Task Forces are approved by the EAACI Executive Committee during the budget meeting.

For further information about participants, use of budget, reports and dissemination write to the EAACI Headquarters (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Last updated 10 November 2014