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  • Hot topics in the Dermatology Section

    1. Hot topics in the Dermatology Section

    Task Forces


    Autoinflammatory syndromes

    Allergic contact dermatitis in children


    2. New books published within the last two years

    Urticaria and angioedema

    Editors: Torsten Zuberbier, Clive Grattan & Marcus Maurer (Springer).

    Valuable resource for those interested in skin research! The book explores the he history, aetiopathogenesis and classification of urticaria, as well as providing in depth understanding of acute, chronic, dermographic and delayed pressure, heat and cold, solar, cholinergic, contact urticaria. The last part is devoted to the urticarial syndromes and autoinflammation, vasculitis and angioedema, therapy of urticaria, standard operating procedures and practical approaches. The book is written by leading experts in the field and provides a comprehensive update on every aspect of current management of urticaria.

    3. Books in press


    Editors: Jean Bolognia, Jozeph Jorizzo, Ronald Rapini

    The ultimate goal of the book is for it to never make its way to the bookshelf because it is being used on a weekly, or perhaps even daily, basis. This book will function as a colleague, albeit a non-verbal one, who is easily approachable and possesses the necessary expertise to provide succinct, up-to date information that is both precise and practical.

    4. The must read papers of the last 3-6 months

    EAACI taskforce position paper: evidence for autoimmune urticaria and proposal for defining diagnostic criteria.

    Konstantinou G.N., Asero R., Ferrer M., Knol E.F., Maurer M., Raap U., Schmid-Grendelmeier P., Skol P.S., Grattan C.E.

    Allergy 2013, 68(1):27-36.

    European Competence Network on Mastocytosis (ECNM): 10-year jubilee, update, and future perspectives.

    Valent P,, Arock M., Bonadonna P., Brockow K., Broesby-Olsen S., Escribano L., Gleixner K.V., Grattan C., Hadzijusufovic E., Hägglund H., Hermine O., Horny H.P., Kluin-Nelemans H.C., Maurer M., Niedoszytko M., Nedoszytko B., Nilsson G., Oude-Elberink H.N., Orfao A., Radia D., Reiter A., Siebenhaar F., Sotlar K., Sperr W.R., Triggiani M., Vandoormaal J.J., Várkonyi J., Yavuz S., Hartmann K.

    Wien Klin Wochenschr 2012, 124;(23-24):807-814

    How not to miss autoinflammatory diseases masquerading as urticaria

    Krause K., Grattan C.E., Bindslev-Jensen C., Gattorno M., Kallinich T., de Koning H.D., Lachmann H.J., Lipsker D., Navarini A.A., Simon A., Traidl-Hoffmann C., Maurer M.

    Allergy 2012, 67;12:1465-74

    Efficacy and safety of the interleukin-1 antagonist rilonacept in Schnitzler syndrome: an open-label study

    Krause K., Weller K., Stefaniak R., Wittkowski H., Altrichter S., Siebenhaar F., Zuberbier T., Maurer M.

    Allergy 2012, 67;7:943-50.

    A positive serum basophil histamine release assay is a marker for ciclosporin-responsiveness in patients with chronic spontaneous urticaria

    Iqbal K., Bhargava K., Skov PS., Falkencrone S., Grattan C.

    Clinical and Translational Allergy 2012, 1;2(1):19

    Childhood urticaria

    Marrouche N., Grattan C.

    Current Opinion in Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2012, 12(5):485-90

    Mutational spectrum and geno-phenotype correlation in Chinese families with Hereditary Angioedema

    Xu Y., Zhi X., Yin J., Wang L., Wen L.P., Gu J.Q., Guan K., Craig T., Zhang H.Y.

    Allergy 2012, 67(11):1430-6

    Anaphylaxis in an emergency setting – elicitors, therapy and incidence of severe allergic reactions

    Beyer K., Eckermann O., Hompes S., Grabenhenrich L. and Worm M.

    Allergy 2012, 67(11):1451-6

    IgE detection to α/β/γ-gliadin and its clinical relevance in wheat-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis 

    Hofmann S.C., Fischer J., Eriksson C., Bengtsson Gref C., Biedermann T., Jakob T.

    Allergy 2012, 67(11):1457-60

    Attenuated Bordetella pertussis BPZE1 protects against allergic airway inflammation and contact dermatitis in mouse models 

    Li R., Cheng C., Chong C.Z., Lim A.R., Goh Y.F., Locht C., KemenyD.M., Angeli V., W.S. Wong, Alonso S.

    Allergy 2012, 67(10):1250-8

    Successful use of omalizumab in an inadequately controlled type 2 diabetic patient with severe insulin allergy.

    Cavelti-Weder C., Muggli B., Keller C., Babians-Brunner A., Biason-Lauber A., Donath M.Y., Schmid-Grendelmeier P.

    Diabetes Care 2012, 35(6):e41

    Development and construct validation of the angioedema quality of life questionnaire 

    Weller K., Groffik A., Magerl M., Tohme N., Martus P., Krause K., Metz M., Staubach P., Maurer M.

    Allergy 2012, 67(10):1289-98


    5. Current international projects

    Published Task Forces

    Profiling Urticaria for the Identification of Subtypes (PURIST)


    6. Related resources



    1. Is it time for clinicians to relate genotypes to phenotypes?

    2. Skin barrier function in the development of allergy

    3. Skin barrier function in the development of allergy

    4. Common allergic diseases in the elderly


    Postgraduate Course: Practical issues in contact allergy and urticaria

    31st EAACI Congress, Geneva, Switzerland on 16th of June, 2012

    Antti Lauerma (Finland): Expert tips for patch testing

    Radoslaw Spiewak (Poland): Testing for photoallergy

    Jurgen Grabbe (Switzerland): Contact urticarial

    Markus Magerl (Germany): Physical challenge testing

    Urlike Raap (Germany): Skin testing in urticaria

    Symposium - Atopic dermatitis: the wider picture

    31st EAACI Congress, Geneva, Switzerland on 17th of June, 2012

    Edward Knol (The Netherlands): Atopic dermatitis: beyond the skin and into the gut

    Graham Ogg (UK): Specific immunotherapy in atopic dermatitis

    Thomas Bieber (Germany): Off-label drugs for atopic dermatitis 

    Symposium - Understanding urticaria

    31st EAACI Congress, Geneva, Switzerland on 18th of June, 2012

    Clive Grattan (UK): Tracking down a cause of urticaria

    Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier (Switzerland): Germs and worms in urticaria

    Riccardo Asero (Italy): Aggravating factors in chronic urticaria


    Symposium - New trends in  allergy research in Russia

    31st EAACI Congress, Geneva, Switzerland on 18th of June, 2012

    Ludmila Ogorodova (Russian Federation): Epidemiology of food allergy in Russia

    Musa Khaitov (Russian Federation): The interaction of RSV and epithelial cells in the lung

    Elena Borzova (Russian Federation): The role of autoantibodies in chronic urticarial

    Symposium - Food allergy and atopic dermatitis: a tale of two epithelia

    31st EAACI Congress, Geneva, Switzerland on 19th of June, 2012

    Aziz Sheikh (UK): Epidemiological evidence implicating defects in skin barrier to sensitization to food allergens

    Thomas Werfel (Germany): Classical and pollen-related food allergies in patients with topic dermatitis – the impact of late eczematous reactions

    Suzanne Pasmans (The Netherlands): When to use elimination diets in children with atopic dermatitis?

    Skin Allergy Meeting

    Berlin, Germany, 29 November to 1 December 2012

    Thursday, 29 November 2012

    Ana Giménez-Arnau - Allergic contact dermatitis

    Werner Aberer - Non-Hereditary Angioedema

    Ilaria Baiardini - Quality of life instruments for daily practice

    Carsten Bindslev-Jensen - Food Allergy

    Gino Vena - Aquatic dermatoses

    Michihiro Hide - The role of sweat in skin disease - beyond hyperhidrosis

    Romi Saini - The role of basophils in skin allergies

    Friday, 30 November 2012

    Martin Metz - Itch

    Torsten Zuberbier - Interactive discussion with experts on international approaches in allergology

    Margitta Worm - Anaphylaxis

    Torsten Zuberbier - Atopic Dermatitis

    Frank Siebenhaar - Mastocytosis

    Karoline Krause - Autoinflammatory syndromes

    Konrad Bork - Hereditary Angioedema

    Martin Church - Role of histamine in skin physiology and allergies

    Saturday, 1 December 2012

    Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier - Tropical and travelers' dermatoses

    Marcus Maurer – Urticaria

    Clive Grattan - QUIZ - Allergic or not allergic

    Can you spot the difference (and win a prize)?

    4th Urticaria consensus meeting

    Berlin, Germany, November 28-29, 2012

    This is a 4 yearly meeting prepared by the EAACI Dermatology Section and GA2LEN for the review of the current international guidelines on the classification, pathogenesis and management of urticaria.

    7. Upcoming events


    * Skin Allergy Club

    Zurich, Switzerland, April 20-21, 2013

    * EAACI – WAO World Allergy & Asthma Congress

    Milan, Italy, 22-26 June, 2013
    Last updated: 28 November 2014
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