The NOMAD project “Policy Formulation and Validation through non-Moderated Crowdsourcing” is an FP7 project started January 2012, aiming to stimulate significant progress in the domain of ICT-enabled policy making. NOMAD aims to assist policy makers, organizations and citizens to compose and validate new policy through analyzing information available in the cloud. NOMAD uses intelligent text acquisition and processing tools, new visualization methods and an overall collaborative framework, going beyond the currently available platforms and services.

In today’s public internet, where collaboration and crowdsourcing are becoming realities, NOMAD uses novel methods to analyse internet data, giving insight to information at multiple stages of the decision making cycle, thus supporting the definition of the political agenda, the creation, the implementation and the monitoring of policy proposals. Thus, modern decision makers could test, detect and understand how citizens perceive their political agendas, and also stimulate the emergence of discussions and contributions on the informal web (e.g. forums, social networks, blogs, newsgroups and wikis), so as to gather useful feedback for immediate action.

Through NOMAD project, a user-friendly toolsuite has been implemented for people participating directly or indirectly in the decision-making process, regardless of the sector they wish to apply it to and thus formulate their position, by taking into account argumentation pro or against it, as being expressed online by critical publics.

The NOMAD consortium, lead by the Information Systems Laboratory of the information and Communications Systems department of the University of Aegean, comprises of Google, National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos", Athens Technology Center (ATC), Fraunhofer IGD, and Qwentes, while as final users Critical Publics, the Hellenic and Austrian Parliaments.

Watch the official NOMAD video in youTube, explaining in details its concepts and approach.

General Info

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EAACI Scenario Application - Immunotherapy and allergic diseases

EAACI is participating in the NOMAD project as a pilot partner, under the so-called UK Pilot for testing and evaluating the project’s concepts and tools. EAACI’s ultimate goal, through this participation, is to further substantiate policy proposals in EU commission for supporting allergy treatments such as immunotherapy, by incorporating the patients’ opinions on the proposed policies that are affecting their health and quality of life. This is basically because the use of the internet is growing rapidly and it becomes the key resource for people to get health related information and consultation. However, due to the internets’ unregulated nature, it is full of misleading or even dangerous tips circulating from pages, blogs etc. This, apart from the dangers to the life of individuals it also threatens to disrupt professional establishments, such as the EAACI.

As such, with the use of NOMAD EAACI is aiming to redefine the crucial role of the allergy expert in information provision, as well as to make the experts in the allergy field part of the health services evolution, by creating solid communication lines with public opinion makers, policy makers, and, on top of all, patients. Specifically, allergic diseases impacts, causes, symptoms, prevention and immunotherapy declaration are the core themes that have been deployed as domain and policy models with NOMAD Authoring Tool, providing the input to the platform and setting the bases for the initiation of the crawling and analysis held in the backend. While via NOMAD Visualisation Tool, the crawled and analysed results are being presented, through which EAACI can monitor the public rhetoric for allergy on the Web, beyond scientific media, produce intelligence on the domains of said rhetoric and co-ordinate its responding mechanism for rebuffing false arguments regarding allergy and immunotherapy.

News / Events:

November 2014

EAACI Scenario Application - UK Pilot Workshop - 2nd round

The NOMAD project was presented with great success at the Policy Formulation and Validation via NOMAD workshop, which took place on November 12th, 2014 in Athens, Greece. The audience consisted of 45 policy makers, journalists, members of NGOs and public entities. The aim of the workshop was to present and assess NOMAD as an innovative and value-adding ICT platform for the inclusion of public opinion in the formulation of policy making, thus enhancing open and co-operative governance. It was organized in the context of the 2nd round of the UK Pilot. During this workshop, CP was able to showcase the cumulative results from EAACI’s authored models on allergy and immunotherapy issues, hence revealing the usefulness of such a platform when used by decision makers in health domain.

To download the presentation of the 2nd workshop, please click here.

July 2014

NOMAD project in EAACI Congress 2014
NOMAD project was presented at this year's EAACI Congress, which took place on June 9th, at Copenhagen, Denmark. CP was invited to present NOMAD at a high-level business-lunch on EU health and research policies. During this presentation the added-value of a tool like NOMAD was showcased, when it is being used by policy makers in health domain and had the chance to invite them to participate and get involved in the NOMAD project.

To download the presentation of the congress, please click here.

November 2013

EAACI Scenario Application - UK Pilot Workshop - 1stround
The NOMAD project was presented in a workshop was organised by Critical Publics within the UK pilot execution, which took place on November 29th, 2013 in Athens, Greece. The 12 attendees creating a real mix of NOMAD potential users from stakeholder groups other than the typical ones associated with the policy making area, e.g. journalists, doctors, NGOs, researchers, consultants and political scientists. The aim of the workshop was to present the first version of NOMAD tools, though the demonstration of the EAACI’s scenario application on the allergy field. More specifically, EAACI’s goal through the usage of NOMAD platform is to monitor allergy awareness and promote specific treatments such as allergen immunotherapy. During the workshop, the visualized results from the EAACI’s authored modes have been presented and the participants had the change to evaluate the usability of the tools, as well as suggest improvements of the platform, based to their needs. NOMAD consortium intends to gather the feedback from all the workshops held during this period and implement the most wanted functionalities in the next version of the platform.

To download the presentation of the 1st workshop, please click here.
Last updated 22 December 2014