Alliance for Biomedical Research

EAACI joined the Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe in March 2014 and attended the most recent General Assembly in Brussels on 11 April 2014.

The Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe is a unique initiative representing 21 leading research-oriented medical societies that include more than 400,000 researchers across Europe. The BioMed Alliance is committed through its acrions to promote excellence in European biomedical research and innovation with the goal of improving the health and well-being of all European citizens.

European Chronic Disease Alliance (ECDA)

EAACI became a member of the European Chronic Disease Alliance (ECDA) in February 2014 and attended the first EU Summit on Chronic Diseases from 3 - 4 April.

The ECDA represents an unprecedented alliance of 11 not-for-profit European organisations representing over 100,000 health professionals and patients. They have joined forces to put the case for immediate political action to reverse the alarming rise in chronic diseases which affects more than a third of the population of Europe - over 100 million citizens.

European Medicines Agency (EMA)

EAACI became eligible to be involved in the European Medical Agency's (EMA) activities in April 2014 and was added to the list of healthcare professional's organisations which is published on the agency's website.

The link to the list of eligible organisations is intended for patients and healthcare professionals who may have a question related to a specific disease/illness and who could then contact the relevant organisation(s) who work with the EMA.

Last updated 02 December 2014