• JM Quizz

    The JM Quiz Series is offering the chance to EAACI Juniors to win a Travel Grant to Munich 2018!

    The JM Quiz Series -initially launched in 2006 - consist of a new quiz, posted each month, in order to test the scientific knowledge along with other, EAACI-related information. Each quiz consists of 5 multiple-choice questions, the answers of which can be traced in the EAACI website, or in any one of the Academy’s publications, i.e. ALLERGY, PAI, CTA and the Newsletter, all accessible through the EAACI website.

    The winners will be awarded with a Travel Grant for the EAACI Congress 2018 that will take place in Munich 26-30 May 2018.

    Participation rules
    1. Quiz Series is available to EAACI Junior members only, by using their EAACI username and password.
    2. Each JM will be permitted to take the quiz once per month.
    3. Winners will be selected randomly among the ones who have answered correctly to all 5 questions of a given month’s Quiz.
    4. If the winner has been awarded another prize, award or travel grant for the EAACI Congress 2018 in Munich, the Quiz Series prize is automatically annulled and a second winner is randomly selected.

    The JM Quizz for 2018 is open!

    Winners of the JM Quizz 2018

    January 2018

    February 2018

    March 2018

    April 2018

    Winners of the JM Quizz 2017

    January 2017
    Mariam Movsisyan, Armenia

    February 2017
    Madona Devidze, Georgia

    March 2017
    Alba Angelina, Spain

    April 2017
    Ozge Ozturk, Turkey
    Pavel Kolkhir, Russia

    Winners of the JM Quizz 2016

    Cristina Benito Villalvilla, Spain

    Aline-Elena Mara, Romania
    Vladyslava Barzylovych, Ukraine

    Jorje Rojas, Chile

    Liseth Villafana, Spain
    Last updated: 10 January 2018