JM-CTA collaboration

The JM Working Group is very pleased to continue the collaboration with the Clinical and Translational Allergy (CTA) journal ( for the new term 2015-2017. CTA is the youngest of the EAACI journals being exclusively web-based and open-access. CTA actively welcomes contributions of the Junior Members of the Academy including clinical research, basic science and reviews.

In the previous term, the collaboration initiated a call for “Hot topic Reviews” written by JMs, four of which (1,2,3,4) have already been published and waived from publishing fees. Furthermore, a 50% discount on article fees for JM first author original contributions was granted and a call for JM reviewers launched. A continuous effort of the collaboration was to highlight “Must read articles” for JMs on the CTA homepage and social media.

For the new 2015-2017 JM working group term a novel CTA Collaboration team was formed consisting of Peter Valentin Tomazic (JM CTA collaboration coordinator), Olympia Tsilochristou (JM Chair), Anke Graessel (CTA Facebook activities), Diana Silva (CTA Twitter activities), Ibon Eguiluz-Gracia (Must read articles) and George Guibas (CTA JM reviewers).
Professor Jean Bousquet started as joint Editor-in-Chief for CTA in January 2016. Besides continuing the established initiatives, we will carry in novel and promotional ideas trying to increase the Journal’s visibility and improve the collaboration.

Please visit and like the EAACI Facebook account and follow the EAACI Twitter account, to stay updated with posts and tweets on recent and highly accessed articles. You can also follow the hashtag #CTA_Journal for the dedicated view of posts/tweets on the CTA articles. We welcome the new CTA homepage, where a twitter feed has been implemented and the "JM Must read articles" are highlighted.

Another key point will be to publish webcasted interviews and podcasts organized by JMs where first authors from recently published CTA articles will be interviewed. The purpose of this initiative is to promote the article, give JMs the opportunity to meet senior authors personally and to discuss with them about details of their work.

Olympia Tsilochristou and Peter Valentin Tomazic were able to contribute to the BMC blog by reporting about the collaboration between the EAACI JMs and the CTA journal: BMC Blog

Recently, another activity within this collaboration, which took place in June/July 2016, was the launch of two quizzes, called the CTA-JM Quizzes, which were related to two reviews published in CTA. JMs were able to participate in these quizzes two win a waived publication fee for the submission of a manuscript.

Feel free to express your ideas, suggestions and/or comments regarding the establishment of an effective communication between the CTA journal and the JM community by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Keep visiting the EAACI’s JM webpages, the journal’s website and follow the social media activities mentioned above in order not to miss relevant information like new calls for “Hot topic reviews” or article discounts.

With our best regards,
The JM-CTA Collaboration Team

Peter Valentin Tomazic, Olympia Tsilochristou, Anke Graessel, Ibon Eguiluz-Gracia, Diana Silva and George Guibas (JM)
Clive Grattan, Jean Bousquet and Holly Young (CTA)
Last updated 30 August 2016