JM-Allergy collaboration

We are pleased to announce the start of the collaboration between the EAACI Junior Members and the journal Allergy (also known as “European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology”).
Being one of the top journals in the fields of allergy and clinical immunology and the major publishing organ of EAACI, it is one of the major aims of this collaboration to further increase the visibility of research published in Allergy. The main tools to achieve this aim include the distribution of the content published in Allergy via the EAACI and the JM-dedicated communication channels.

Starting April 2016, articles recently published in Allergy are announced and posted on EAACI Twitter (@EAACI_HQ) and Facebook channels each Sunday and Wednesday tagged with the hasthag #Allergy_Journal. With the October 2016 issue of Allergy, particularly educative (selected by the EAACI JM-Allergy collaboration team), “must-read” articles are highlighted on the Allergy website and in the Allergy print issue.

Another important and – as we hope – informative initiative is the conduction of webcasted interviews with main authors of Allergy-published articles. These interviews are intended to represent an opportunity for the interested clinician or researcher to learn about the personal view of the author on the respective research topic and to virtually “meet the author”.  Since November 2015, 6 video interviews with renowned experts in the field have been performed by EAACI JMs and published on the EAACI webpage and YouTube channel.
Furthermore, a list of experienced EAACI JMs will be provided to Allergy editors as a pool of potential reviewers for manuscripts submitted to Allergy.

Starting from October 2016 onwards, the JM-Allergy collaboration team monthly selects the paper that is most relevant to fellows in training for its educational content. The JM must-read articles are highlighted with the EAACI_JM logo in both the printed and the online version of the journal.

We invite you to contribute with your ideas, suggestions and comments in order to establish and further improve this collaboration by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We hope that you will consider this initiative timely and interesting and that you will keep visiting the EAACI JM and Allergy websites and follow the EAACI social media accounts to stay up-to-date (hashtag #Allergy_Journal on twitter and facebook) with new developments and exciting research in the field of allergy!

Best wishes,

The JM-Allergy Collaboration Team

Philipp Starkl, Olympia Tsilochristou, Gilda Varricchi, Marco Caminati & Nick Gavoyiannakis (JM)
Hans-Uwe Simon (Allergy)
Last updated 20 October 2016