• JMs are actively involved in a series of activities including Section Activities, Allergy Schools, as well as Business Meetings. JMs operate their own schedule and programme at all EAACI Congresses, which apart from scientific meetings involve several social activities that help Junior Members of the Academy get to know each other better in a more relaxed environment.

    During the last years, EAACI has developed specific activities and promotions to support and to increase the influence of the younger members. Many travel grants are available for JMs to attend the EAACI Annual Congresses and several JM activities are arranged:

    • JM Poster Session, which is an informal session aimed to promote the work of JMs and to facilitate contacts between EAACI members. Outstanding poster presentations are awarded poster prizes.
    • JM Scientific Symposium which is a main session on a hot topic, chaired and organised by JMs.
    • JM educational session were practical topics such as how to write a paper, how to give a presentation... are covered.
    • JM Case reports session were selected clinical cases are presented by JMs. Outstanding case presentations are awarded case report prizes.
    • Practical courses which are co-chaired by one Senior EAACI member and one JM and address practical themes of great interest to JMs.
    • JM Business Meeting where JMs meet and discuss present and future.
  • JM-PAI collaboration
  • JM-Allergy collaboration
  • JM-CTA collaboration
  • EAACI JM Educational Game