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IG on Infection & Allergy

Infection_and_allergy_picFrom the EAACI Bylaws

The Infections & Allergy IG is officially sanctioned and fully active. The Interest Group on Infection & Allergy aims at raising the interest of clinicians and scientists in the interrelation between infection and allergy. An association between the two dates back to the beginnings of allergy, immunology and microbiology. Investigations which focused on the pathogenesis of bacterial infections led to the discovery of the human immune system and the concept of allergy.

Currently covered topics include: infections (viral, parasitic, fungal, superantigen-related) as an aggravating factor of pre-existing allergic disease or an inducer of allergy de novo; infections as a protective modifier of allergy development (hygiene hypothesis); allergy to vaccines; vaccinations as possible modifiers of allergy development; the use of antivirals, antibiotics, antifungals, pre-and pro-biotics for the prevention and/or treatment of allergic disorders.
Last updated 10 February 2016