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IG on Food Allergy

61The aim of the IG on FOOD Allergy is to provide a platform for scientists with a medical and molecular biological background, for clinicians and experts from the nutrition sciences.

The main objectives are to gain further insight into:
  • Molecular mechanisms and factors relevant for allergic sensitization and onset of food related allergic disease
  • Food allergens for improved diagnosis and therapy
  • Phenotypes in food allergy
  • Towards efficient and safe treatment of food allergy
  • Impaired Quality of life and economic burden of food allergy
  • To provide a platform to closely interact with scientists, clinicians, regulatory authorities and patients organisations.

Within the last months the IG Food Allergy was actively engaged in the preparations for the Food Allergy Campaign launched at the EAACI Annual Meeting in Geneva. This public Campaign is dedicated to properly address the epidemic of food allergy, to increase awareness in society and at a political level and to create a platform for scientists, patient organisations and food industry representatives are aligned to optimise the management of the food allergic patient. A number of activities are planned including scientific, educational and public relations activities. In August the EAACI Summer School on Food Allergy is organised and takes place in Vienna, August 23 – 25, 2012. This Food Allergy Training course is planned for clinicians to improve and update their knowledge including hands on training on various aspects of food allergy. The development of European Guidelines on Food Allergy has been started as a collaboration between the sections of pediatrics, dermatology, the interest groups of Food Allergy, Allergy Diagnosis, Epidemiology, Allied Health and the Patient Organisation Committee headed by Antonella Muraro. The respective Task forces have been established to address the individual subtopics and together with methodologists the existing literature will be reviewed and expert opinions drafted, accordingly.

Another highlight of the Food Allergy Campaign will be the 3rd FAAM Meeting (Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Meeting) in Nice in February 2013. The Representatives from the IG Food Allergy, Allied Health and Pediatrics Section are currently working on an exciting and interesting programme to attract both, basic scientists from food chemistry, nutritional sciences, protein chemistry, immunology and clinicians and last but not least patients’ organisations representatives. We are looking forward to a stimulating exchange among the participants. Announcement of this meeting will be presented soon and we are looking forward to meeting in Nice in 2013.
Last updated 02 October 2014