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IG on Drug Allergy

In order to allow EAACI to influence and keep updated information on matters related to allergy and clinical immunology, it has been decided to create “Interest Groups”. An Interest Group should represent an area of general interest within allergology that is not well covered by any one of the EAACI Sections.

One of the most enigmatic areas of allergy is that of drug hypersensitivity reactions: they go far beyond pure IgE-mediated reactions and are fascinating since they can mimic many different diseases. In the daily praxis, the handling of patients with a presumed drug hypersensitivity is a continuing challenge. Knowledge about the pathophysiology of the reactions is limited, and diagnostic tests are often not standardised resulting in insecurity for many allergologists when treating such patients.


The Drug Allergy Interest Group (DAIG) involves many different groups from all over Europe, with a high number of allergologists from Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Nederland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.
The core group of DAIG is called ENDA (European Network of Drug Allergy), and comprises active participants with a research interest e.g. in the epidemiological, clinical, or fundamental aspects of drug hypersensitivity.
Within the DAIG/ENDA there are Task Force groups, which unit the specialist around the Europe, who focused on appropriate problems and carrying out a multicentral study, that results in Position Papers for the EAACI.
One immediate primary is to improve testing procedures for certain groups of patients. Penicillin allergy is still the predominant allergy encountered in daily praxis: a task force has tried to establish the roles of how to perform immediate and delayed testing corresponding to the clinical picture. In addition, we discuss drug provocation testing and its limits and applications, as well as standardisation of skin prick and intradermal tests in drug allergy.


In the 1990s ENDA was founded out of an EU grant as a working group in the field of drug allergy that wanted to improve the diagnostics of drug allergy.
Even after the grant was expired, the group continued to meet once in a year for their regular autumn meeting to discuss and interact in matters concerning drug hypersensitivity. As the leading European experts in this field were all in this group, at the time when the DAIG of the EAACI was opened, the members of ENDA became politically involved EAACI members and formed this interest group; later new members joined one or the other group.
The tradition of the regular ENDA meetings has been kept since. Within the DAIG, ENDA members are now the most active EAACI members and form a core group of the DAIG who are politically and educationally active in writing position papers.

Drug Allergy Interest Group (DAIG) aims to:

  • Education for specialists (allergists and physician of other specialties), promoting the understanding of mechanisms of drug hypersensitivity. Establish the roles of how to perform immediate and delayed testing as well as drug provocation testing corresponding to the clinical picture.
  • Improving patient care - foster the practical diagnosis and management of patients with drug hypersensitivity
  • Disseminate the latest information regarding patient care
  • Education of patients and encourage the development of safe and effective therapeutic strategies
  • Promoting research in drug hypersensitivity
The Interest Group is open to everybody and all are welcome to provide suggestions on topics.
Last updated 16 November 2016