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IG on Aerobiology & Pollution

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Asthma and allergic diseases like pollinosis and eczema are environmental diseases. In spite of the genetic background, without exposure no asthma and allergic diseases occur. We think the relevant exposures need to be determined. The EAACI Interest Group Aerobiology & Pollution is thus interested in determining human exposure and its health effects on asthma and allergic diseases.

The effects of climate change and human activity on vegetation and thus exposure, and the needed instrumentation to quantitate air pollution, airborne pollen, their allergens, other allergens, fungi, bacteria and other biological material (endotoxins, muramic acid etc.) are a main topic of the IG. In addition, although air pollution per se (ozone, nitric oxides, SO2, Particulate Matter PM10 and 2.5) does not contain allergens, air pollution is part of human exposure that modulates allergic diseases (adjuvant effects). All topics concerned with human airborne exposure, be it indoors or outdoors, relevant in asthma and allergic diseases is the focus of our Interest group. Supporting the large existing networks in aerobiology that today are mostly non-governmentally funded (automation, registering allergic symptoms) is a topic too

Last updated 28 June 2016