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  • Global review of epinephrine availability and anaphylaxis management practices amongst patient organization countries

    Dr. Susan Waserman, Principal Investigator, McMaster University (Canada) and other international Co-investigators have collaborated with patient organizations which support individuals with food allergies, to conduct this study to better understand consumer perspectives about epinephrine / adrenaline auto-injectors (EAIs/AAIs) worldwide. An online survey, offered in 12 languages, was completed by almost 8,200 people in 21 countries.

    We were pleased that the e-poster of this study was selected from amongst 15 posters that were presented on June 19th at the EAACI 2017 Congress in Helsinki, Finland. Criteria included the quality and usefulness of the research and the presentation itself.

    We thank those who supported the study, including Pfizer Canada, Food Allergy Canada (in-kind), EAACI, and the participating patient organizations and their medical advisors who volunteered their time and expertise. We also extend a special thanks to Dr. Antonella Muraro, who has worked hard to ensure that the patient organizations are integrated into EAACI and has encouraged and facilitated allergy-related projects.

    To read the abstract that was submitted, click here.
    Last updated: 19 October 2017
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