The Czech Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology promotes awareness on allergic diseases and allergology to national governmental bodies

The Czech Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology organized a presentation to promote the awareness of allergic diseases and allergology in the direction to national governmental bodies. The event took place at the Danish Embassy in Prague on Thursday, 5 May.

The main topics discussed during the seminar were:
  • Allergy as the epidemic of our century
  • The economic point of view on prevention of allergies
  • Practical aspects of the allergen immunotherapy

These three presentations were followed by a wide and meaningful discussion. Members of the national parliament, officers of the MoH and insurance companies were present. The materials prepared by EAACI for this purpose were distributed among the attendees.

Prof. Vit Petru
President of the CSAKI

Prof. Petr Panzner
Vice-president of the CSAKI

Last updated 10 June 2016