Occupational Allergy IG Representative

Gianni Pala Gianni Pala

 Allergy and Immunology Unit

 Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri

 Istiuto Scientifico di Pavia

 Via Maugeri 10, 27100 Pavia, Italy

 Tel.: +39 0382 592706

 Fax.: +39 0382 592086

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I studied medicine in Sassari (Italy), where I obtained the medical degree (final mark of 110/110) with a final thesis on “Latex allergy among health care workers”.  In 2005 I started my specialization school in the University of Pavia and I obtained the specialization degree in "Occupational Medicine" with a final mark of 50/50 and honours in 2008. In December 2008 I started my experience as researcher in the Allergy and Immunology Unit of the Salvatore Maugeri Foundation in Pavia, directed by Prof. Gianna Moscato, where I’m current employed. My main research interests are: occupational airway diseases, nasal and bronchial inflammation, prevention and diagnosis of respiratory  disorders.


I’ve been involved in the EAACI Task Force on “Prevention of work related allergies among pre-apprentices or apprentices” and I’m currently involved in two EAACI task forces on “Diagnosis of Work-Related Asthma” and “Assessment of cough at the workplace”.


I’ll bring my contribution to EAACI JMA group with devotion, especially proposing meetings and research projects and creating an active collaboration with my Interest Group.

Last updated 01 August 2011