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Insect Hypersensitivity IG Representative

Darío Antolín-Amérigom MD, PhD

Allergy Unit
Immune System Diseases & Oncology Service

Hospital Universitario Príncipe de Asturias

Carretera Alcalá-Meco s/n

28805 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), Spain

Tel:+34-887-8100 (ext 2165)



Darío Antolín-Amérigo, MD, PhD. works as an Allergist at Hospital Universitario Príncipe de Asturias, Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid, Spain. Since 2011 he is honorary clinical professor at Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid, Spain. Finished his training in Allergy at Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal in 2010.

He is Junior Representative of the IG on Venom Hypersensitivity at EAACI since 2011 and has participated actively with the Mentorship Programme Team of the EAACI as well as in other JMA activities. Since 2009, has participated as Madrid Co-coordinator of the JMA Working Group at SEAIC (Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology). Interested in Translational Research, Immunology, Insect Venom Hypersensitivity, Specific Immunotherapy, Food Allergy, Asthma and Quality of Life in Allergic Diseases. Besides allergy he is very interested in internet and social networks, effective communication, health management and sports.