Insect Hypersensitivity IG Representative

Boni Elisa-JMA Insect HypersensitivitxyElisa Boni, MD

Allergy Unit, Departement of Medicine
Hospital Sant'Anna
Via Napoleona 60
22100 Como, Italy 

Tel: +39 031.5855570
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I studied medicine at University of Modena and I obtained my degree in 2006. I have then been Resident Doctor in Allergology and Clinical Immunology at University of Parma and ended in 2014 with degree of excellence. My work and studies mainly involved dermatology as well as food and respiratory allergy, in vivo and in vitro diagnosis. 

From the time I started attending residency program I have had the opportunity to further explore other fields such as hymenoptera venom allergy with Doctor Beatrice Bilò.  My training was subsequently supplemented and completed with an EAACI Fellowship in 2014 for a 3 months period at Allergy Unit and Laboratory Unit in Malaga with Professor Miguel Blanca and Professor Maria José Torres where I could study in depth drug allergy.

I am currently Allergist in Allergy Unit at Sant’Anna Hospital in Como, Italy. My main professional activity refers to hymenoptera venom allergy, mastocytosis and drug allergy.

I also participate in research projects and I have actively participated at EAACI Congresses, Meetings and JM activities. I contributed in local and International meetings with oral and poster presentations and received an award at EAACI-WAO Congress in 2013. I also participated in Mentorship program and my mentor was Beatrice Bilò.

I have a good integration capacity and learnt to work in an international context and with people who could have different ways in facing work.

I want to promote the education and training of JMs and their participation in EAACI activities such as Mentorship program and Research and Clinical Fellowships.

Last updated 12 September 2016