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" Have you got asthma?"

OMICS and Systems Medicine IG Representative

Serena O'Neil

Krefting Research Centre

University of Gothenburg

Box 424

40530 Göteborg


Tel: +46 031 786 6715


From isolating and characterising new house dust mite and cat allergens in my postgraduate years, my current research involves attempting to understand the hundreds of proteins involved in respiratory disease. From 2009 to 2013, I worked at the Krefting Research Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden, conducting research into the mechanisms of asthma and COPD utilising a quantitative proteomics approach. In addition, I also worked on the proteomic analysis of nasal lavage fluid and nasal exosomes.

I have been attending EAACI conferences since 2008 and have now become more actively involved in the Interest Group of Functional Genomics and Proteomics, as well as the JMA Working Group. Originally a Mentee in the JMA initiated Mentorship Programme, I now coordinate the Mentorship Programme and help develop it to become a great support system for JMAs of EAACI.

I look forward to working with the JMA Working Group to provide the JMAs of EAACI with educational opportunities and support as they progress in their careers.