Food Allergy IG Representative

Annalisa Santucci

 Annalisa Santucci

 Allergologia e immunologia clinica

 Rimini Infermi Hospital

 Via Settembrini 2 Rimini


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I was born in Rimini in 1977, I studied in a scientific secondary school and then I moved in Modena for studing medicine. I obtained my specialization as allergist in 2006 with full score discussing about urticaria in children (298 cases) in dermatological department directed by prof. Alberto Giannetti.

Since 2008 I work in  centre of allegology in Rimini hospital associated to internal medicine and rheumatology department and also in emergency department.

My main interest subjects are food molecular diagnosis, correct assessment in diagnosis of cutaneous allergy and occupational allergological disease, estimation of anaphylactic risk in atopic population and its epidemiology, the use of rinocitology exam in differential diagnosis of rhinitis.

I have experiences in skin test and intradermal test in many drug allergies and in ASA desensitization, drug challenge, diagnostic item in venum allergy and immunotherapy.

I collaborated to write this following EAACI congress abstracts:

ü    Acetysalicilic acid desensitization before coronary stenting in allergic patient: 3 years of experience

ü    Sublingual immunotherapy for alternaria. Randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled trial

ü     Idiopatic hypereosinophilic syndrome or parasitic infestation?

ü    Shrimps food allergy improves in the course of sublingual immunotherapy for mites in allergic patient. Case report.

ü     ASA desensitization before coronary stenting in allergic patients, 3 years experience

ü     Anaphylactic reaction: horse fly bite or hymenoptera sting?

ü     Mastocytosis and biphasic anaphylaxis after multiple hymenoptera stings: two case reports.

ü     The physical effort increases sensitivity of skin tests with food dependent exercise induced anaphylaxis (FDEIA) and papers in other Italian congresses.

I participated as a co-investigator to some studies about comparison between many  drugs in dermatological and respiratory diseases.

I’m very happy to be part of this group, I think we can organized numerous successful events!!!

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