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Allied Health IG Representative

Heidi Schnoor-JMA Allied HealthHeidi Julius Schnoor, Clinical- &Research dietician

Dermato-Allergological Dept. Copenhagen University Hospital
GentofteKildegårdsvej 28
DK-2900 HellerupDenmark
Phone: +45 38 67 24 69

eMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This is my 10´th year working with food allergy and food allergic patients.

I am particularly interested in food allergic patients and their challenges in ”normalizing” food intake - both nutritionally and socially.

Double Blinded Placebo Controlled Food Challenges are my specialty – developing recipes and performing challenges. Recipes that taste acceptable to the patients, especially if these are children and at the same time mask the taste and texture of the active food ingredient.

Foods that cross react to pollen are also of great interest. Many patients need guiding in which foods cross-react and how heat treatment can change allergenicity and even more important, which fruits and vegetables are actually tolerated.

I have been involved in several clinical studies and find this very important and interesting work