Immunology Section Representative

Milena_Sokolowska Milena Sokolowska

 National Institutes of Health, 
 Clinical Center, 
 Critical Care Medicine Department, 
 9000 Rockville Pike, Bldg 10, Rm 4D12-14
 Bethesda, MD 20892 
 Work: +1 301 594 2121 
 Fax: +1 301 480 3389  
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I studied medicine at the Medical University in Lodz in Poland and at the Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Simultaneously, I studied medical physics at the University of Lodz. After graduation I started the PhD programme at the Department of Immunopathology at my home University and I was awarded with the PhD degree in medicine in October 2009. I continued to work there at the postdoctoral position until June 2010.


Currently I am a Visiting Fellow in the Critical Care Medicine Department in the National Institutes of Health, USA. My main research interests enclose lipid mediators of inflammation, inflammasome, intracellular pathways of signal transduction and microRNA regulation in the inflammatory processes of the airways.


Since 2006 I have been an active junior member of the EAACI Immunology Section. I became Immunology Section Representative and a member of the Junior Members and Affiliates Working Group in 2009 after an open election. This position gave me opportunity to acknowledge the specificity EAACI organization and the possibility of working on behalf of all JMAs to serve the best interests of them.


I am deeply aware of the importance of EAACI JMAs and other types of junior collaborations for every young investigator. I believe that working together, sharing our enthusiasm, interests, experience and knowledge, we might push forward the whole EAACI and science itself. My special intentions as a member of JMA Working Group and Immunology Section Representative are:

  • Promote knowledge of current research and clinical opportunities for young investigators inside EAACI and work on widening this offer.
  • Help in developing JMA learning resources through the EAACI website.
  • Interact actively with the "adult" part of EAACI to establish new JMA initiatives.
  • Extend collaboration with other national (European and American) and international scientific societies to share experiences between juniors and promoting internationalisation of science.

I would like to continue my work as the Immunology Section JMA representative for the next two years to realize the above goals in detail and to serve better the whole JMA idea.

Last updated 24 September 2011