JMA Past Chairperson

1995Chrysanthi Skevaki

Allergy Research Laboratories
Second Dpt of Pediatrics
“P & A Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital
University of Athens
41 Fidipidou str - 11527 Athens - Greece
Tel:+30-210-7776964 (ext14)
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I have been an active member of the EAACI since I embarked on my PhD studies. I became a member of the JMA WG in 2005 after an open election, and have taken on subsequent appointments as webmaster of the Infection and Allergy Interest Group, as a member of the CME committee, as a member of the Communication Council, and finally as EAACI Website Co-ordinating Editor since September 2007. This position gave me, among many other opportunities to enhance the work of the EAACI, the possibility of working to serve the best interests of JMAs in a number of ways.

My current employment is as a resident in Laboratory Medicine and post-doctoral associate in the Allergy Research Laboratories of the Second Department of Pediatrics, University of Athens. My main area of scientific interest is the association between infection and allergic manifestation.

As JMA Chairperson, I dedicated my time and energy:

  • to maintaining and extending achievements by the current JMA WG Board and predecessors, including activities conducted during the annual EAACI Congress, and the system of grants and awards to young members of the Academy;
  • to supporting continuous education and training of all EAACI JMA members through increased participation in Allergy Schools, online CME accredited courses, and provision of exchange fellowships;
  • to promoting deeper involvement by JMAs in European scientific collaborations and projects;
  • to establishing mentorship modules which would facilitate career orientation for all JMAs;
  • to intensifying connections between EAACI JMAs and the corresponding sections of other European, U.S., and international scientific societies;
  • to encouraging and supporting the involvement of more JMAs in EAACI- related activities and decision-making; and especially
  • to remaining open and welcoming to the expression of new ideas and suggestions through questionnaires, polls, etc.
Last updated 20 July 2013