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`JMs for the Website` group

`JMs for the Website` group

The `JMs for the Website` group are the active contributors of the JM website.

The ''JMs for the Website'' group are the active contributors of the JM website. Participation in this group offers the opportunity to expand the activities in the Academy, enrich the IT skills as well as put the science expertise in the needs of the JM community, all in a very friendly and vivid way. More specifically, all JMs will be involved in activities such as composing reports and photo albums from EAACI’s Allergy Schools and other meetings, offering ideas and working on any on-line gaming, creating drafts for Poster Sessions or Templates for oral presentations but also preparing any other material that could be of interest to the JMs.

Additionally, all “JMs for the Website'' group will take part to the annual Web Committee meeting, where assessments, new ideas and future plans for are put forward and are officially listed as members of the Web Committee.

"JMs for the Website" group
V Mangina
M Rudenko
I Spyridaki
Fr Saretta
A Santos >
K Rossing
K Sofianou
H D Lauenstein

If you are a JM member and would like to participate in the “JMs for the website” group, please send your letter of interest to .