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JMA-PAI collaboration

JMA-PAI collaboration

Dear JMAs,

A new collaboration between our group and the PAI journal has initiated! Core elements of this alliance have been presented and discussed during the annual PAI Editorial Meeting held in the context of EAACI Istanbul 2011. The journal, now with an impact factor of 2.874, is an official publication of the Academy and as such favors a more active involvement of the younger members of this association.

“Must read papers” for medical residents and other young scientists in the field, will be selected from each PAI issue. Professor Ulrich Wahn, PAI's Editor-in-chief, has identified the review article by Caubet et al. “Educational Case Series: Mechanism of drug allergy” as the most relevant for the September issue of the journal. It is highlighted by the JMA Logo in the table of contents.

Junior members of our Academy are now also provided with the opportunity to submit “hot topic reviews” in cooperation with their mentors for publication in the PAI journal. There is no restriction in regards to the subject matter, while four reviews covering the most innovative topics and of the utmost quality will receive priority and will be published in 2012. Deadline for submission to is December 31st 2011.

Furthermore, JMAs who are highly active in research and more advanced in their career are strongly encouraged to participate in PAI editorial processes by acting as reviewers. Do not miss the opportunity to express your interest for serving as a reviewer for this journal or to suggest other JMA colleagues! To this end, you may send in a short CV along with a statement of interest and/or your proposals for other possible reviewers to .

More details about this collaboration may be found in the editorial of the September PAI issue, written by Prof. Wahn, as well as in the JMA Corner of the September EAACI Newsletter issue composed by Dr. Enrico Heffler, JMA Chair. Feel free to express your ideas, suggestions and/or comments regarding the establishment of an effective communication between the PAI journal and the JMA community by contacting us at .

With our best regards,
The JMA-PAI collaborative team

Chrysanthi Skevaki, Paraskevi Maggina, Alexandra Santos, Enrico Heffler (JMA)
Ulrich Wahn, Paolo Matricardi, Doris Kollmann, Isabell Bretschneider (PAI)