Mentorship Programme in 2012 - funding opportunities

Mentorship Programme in 2012 - funding opportunities

1. Travel grants for already selected Mentees in order to attend the EAACI Annual Congress under the following presuppositions: 1. their abstracts have been accepted for the Congress and 2. their Mentors approved their application and confirmed their successful collaboration

·  The first round will be announced soon

·  Applications should include:

- CV of the Mentee

- Description of the Mentor-Mentee ongoing collaboration, confirmed by the Mentor

- Letter of recommendation from the Mentor

2. Grants for the Mentee (one week accommodation and travel) to visit the Mentor’s workplace so as to facilitate the collaboration between them.

·  This one week visit should help them to develop a strategy for their future collaboration. This visit might be prolonged if the Mentor is willing to provide further funding for the Mentee.

·  The first round of this grant will be announced soon.

·  Applications should include:

-CVs of the Mentee and the Mentor

-Long-term (1 or 2 year period) description of the Mentor-Mentee collaboration

-Short-term (one week) aims and plan for the visit.

3. Official meeting of the Mentors and Mentees during the Annual Congress with Round Table Brainstorming at the reception.

·  During the official meeting of the Mentors and Mentees (from all rounds of the mentorship program), there will be an informal panel discussion between all attendees about the pros and cons of the program, possible improvements, expectations of both sides, etc.

Last updated 25 May 2012